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I started and grew my own construction into a multi-million dollar company and like you, I and got tired of the hype and empty promises from online marketing companies and business gurus who had all the answers to remodeling and design/build business success and business growth. I read all the ‘self-help’ books, attended workshops and sat in on hundreds of hours of webinars where they were just trying to sell me the next silver bullet that would solve all my business frustrations. Everything fell short. I came to the conclusion that the majority of personal and business growth programs have limitations, and rarely found the real cause of business owners’ frustrations.
Then I had that “Ah-HA!” moment



I know from personal experience how challenging it can be running and growing a successful remodeling company. I also know how enjoyable it can be bringing like-minded people together to create a healthy one. I thrive on helping people grow into industry leaders, and building successful, healthy, businesses.  A business that can grow beyond where you are now, giving you the gift of a more rewarding life in every sense.


Tell me your story. I want to know what’s going on right now in your business: What’s working pretty well and what’s driving you crazy. Why you think you need my help. I then work with you to agree what results you want that are currently out of your reach. Finally, I help you overcome the things in the way – so you can create a business that gives you a better life.


Like a custom design, every business has it’s unique requirements. I’ve taken my know how and created solutions for the key areas of growth for every remodeling company:

  • Lead Generation and Inbound Digital Marketing
  • Sales Systems
  • Way to Project Management to keep your costs in line and profits high.
  • Financial Solutions to keep the lights on and crews working.

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My Brands


The Business Success Agency

Inbound Marketing & Sales Automation

A digital lead generation, inbound marketing and sales agency that takes all the confusion out of finding and closing your prospects in today’s online world


Design Build Duluth

Design Build Consultant

My Design/Build firm that brings together area homeowners and remodeling professionals for a successful remodeling project


Knight Financial Solutions

Business Funding Solutions

A business funding program that I believe is the gold standard for ethics, honesty and professional business practices – in a not so ethical industry.


Builder Business Blueprint

Construction Business Systems

A library of construction business tools, templates and systems to keep you on track and your business running smoothly.

"It’s up to you to dictate your business’s rate of growth as best you can by understanding the key processes that need to be performed, the key objectives that need to be achieved, the key position you are aiming your business to hold in the marketplace."

Michael E. Gerber | The E-Myth Revisited

Some Fun Facts

Homes Remodeled
Homes Built
Years Worked In Construction Industry
Years of Construction Company Ownership


Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Personalize guidance and business training that identifies the key areas of your business, develops the best strategy to achieve your business goals and works with you to get those systems and processes working in your business. more

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Hands on, one-on-one, let’s roll up our sleeves and get things done. Together we’ll develop your business growth plan and I’ll work to get that plan working in your business. more



A customized business growth program to get your team working together to achieve your business vision. more



Hands on work sessions for your trade group, association or professional organization on the key areas and topics to achieve remodeling success through live events or interactive webinars. more



On-site remodeling business growth topics that your members of your trade group, conference or trade show will devour. more

From the Blog

What Sets Successful Design Build Firms Apart from Other Business Models

Given the number of parties involved, even the smallest of remodeling projects can be a complicated affair. Besides the homeowner, there’s the architect and interior designer, general and specialty contractors, along with the countless vendors who supply the raw materials and home finishing products. Throughout the life of the project they must all work together to deliver a finished space that meets the homeowner’s expectations, and they must do it all while staying on schedule and budget.

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Design Options for Design/Builders: Partnering for Design

The design build model’s greatest strength is the single-source responsibility and accountability it offers to homeowners. But that single source is not one person, it’s the team that has been carefully put together to ensure a smooth and successful project. That’s why it’s imperative that contractors and designers work in partnership for the mutual benefit of everyone involved, including the homeowner. Contractors more often than not now find themselves in the position of “interviewing” and choosing designers, which represents a major role reversal in the industry.

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Design Options for Design/Builders: In-House Design

In the custom home industry we have two ways to build a home: the traditional bid and build model, or the design build approach. As design build firms, we have two ways as well: in-house and outsourced design. In-house design means the designer is actually on the firm’s staff, while outsourced design means a designer or architect works for another firm, or for themselves. Here, we’re going to talk exclusively about in-house design.

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