What Sets Successful Design Build Firms Apart from Other Business Models

Given the number of parties involved, even the smallest of remodeling projects can be a complicated affair. Besides the homeowner, there’s the architect and interior designer, general and specialty contractors, along with the countless vendors who supply the raw materials and home finishing products. Throughout the life of the project they must all work together to deliver a finished space that meets the homeowner’s expectations, and they must do it all while staying on schedule and budget.

Now picture a team approach where a homeowner never needs to worry if the plans the architect designs will be rejected by the builder because of site, construction or financial limitations. An approach that entails every phase, from design to construction, being handled under one roof. That’s the reality of a remodel which involves hiring a firm like Design Build Duluth.Design build project development process

Every remodel we do begins with our custom project design and development process meant to help the homeowner envision their new kitchen, bathroom or other living space well before construction begins. Once the design is approved by the homeowner, we manage the entire project through to completion. We believe this gives the homeowner the peace of mind they deserve in knowing that their remodeling project will be done in a professional manner by a team that shares one vision – theirs.

The building industry is in a constant state of evolution and a team that shares information and knowledge all in the service of a homeowner’s best interests is key. That’s why we consider the design build model to be a cut above the traditional construction and remodeling model. The characteristics we believe separate successful design build firms from the other models include:

  • A management team made up of seasoned professionals who create and follow a sustainable business plan while implementing the industry’s best practices.
  • A solid financial system that allows the team to meet a project’s budget with efficiency and innovation. Each phase of construction, including “what if” pricing abilities, are evaluated at each step of the process.
  • A marketing system and strategy that allows our firm to attract highly-qualified preferred professionals who work with us in accordance with the unique values and advantages offered by a design build project delivery method.
  • A well-established sales system utilized by the entire team that ensures a homeowner’s vision and budget matches that of the design build model.
  • A design and communication system that uses state-of-the-art technology to accurately create, capture, manage and deliver the information needed by the homeowner and the entire project team so that everyone is working together to maximize design and performance, all while maintaining schedule and budgetary concerns.
  • A production system that guarantees a quality project and satisfying experience for all parties, including project management to completion.
  • A personnel system that attracts like-minded professionals who best support the true design build business model and project delivery system.

If you’re looking to switch over to a design build business model and are in need of help or training to do so, Contact Me today. I’d be happy to discuss with you the ins and outs of making the transformation.

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